Admiral Nelson



This eighteenth century admiral's costume is historically correct. This double breasted suit is made of a beautiful dark navy blue fabric with gold buttons and gold banded trim detail on the cuffs . It is trimmed in gold braid and has gold ephallets. This admiral costume  is available in two sizes. Large  fits a size 42-43 jacket with pants fitting 32 -34 and the xl is a 44 -45 jacker with 35-37 inch waist on pants . Comes with matching admirals hat

Price: $165.00 rental 

Military Suit



This suit is dark blue with gold buttons and gold braid detail at the collar ,cuffs and pockets. The suit has a matching vest with gold buttons as well and a pair of navy blue knickers. This costume  comes with a matching hat . The military jacket is a size 46-48 and the pants measure 36-40 as there is elastic in the waist. This is for a larger gentleman 

Price: $125.00 rental 

Red & Gold Jacket



This is a very beautiful example of an eighteenth century gentlemens jacket. The fabric is a heavy wine ,black and gold brocade with black velvet trim and gold buttons. . This is the real thing. This jacket can be rented alone or with anything you would need . From knickers,shirt,hats etc. This jacket can be used for Pirates, eighteenth century gentlemen or Anne Rices Lestat. This jacket fits a larger size man from46-48

Price: $95.00 rental 

Silver/Plum Brocade



This is another elaborate eighteenth century mens jacket which can be rented alone or with anything else you would need. The jacket is silk broaded fabric which is dark plum, silver , and black .The jacket has black velvet cuffs and collar with silver detaied buttons. This jacket is perfect for eighteenth century gentlemen, pirate czsptains or Anne Rices Lestat. This is a larger jacket and will fit a size 48-50

Price: $95.00 rental 

Blue / Gold Trim



Purpleish blue eighteenth century jacket with satin knickers.This does not come with vest but can be added . It is made from a polyester fabric and fairly light weight and not too elaborate. Jacket has gold buttons and gold detail. Jacket Fits 41-42 knickers fit  32-33 . Shoebuckles,wig and stockings sold separately

Price: $65.00 rental 

King Loius XIV



King Loius  gentlemens costume is fairly elaborate.  It consists of a heavy cotton tapestry fabric coat,  with green and beige velvet vertical striped  knickers, The vest matches the knickers and is made of the same fabric. The knickers also have a  three inch lace cuff . This costume  includes a satin shirt, striped velvet vest, tapestry jacket and matching knickers. Stocking ,shoe buckles and wig sold separately. The jacket sizes are large which fits 40-42 waist 32-34 or xl which is 42 -44 and waist is 34-36

Price: $165.00 rental 

Light Blue Satin



Elaborate Light blue satin with gold trim 18th century gentlemen's ensemble. Costume consists of blue jacket with matching knickers and cream satin lace trimmed shirt. and a gold satin vest. The jacket fits size 44-46 and the knickers are leastic waist and fit 34 to 38

Price: $185.00 rental 

Red Coat Uniform



Red coat costume consists of red coat jacket, white vest, ,matching knickers with a tricornered hat. Jacket fits 42-43 and the waist on the knickers is 34-35

Price: $165.00 rental 

Velvet Tapestry



Opulant eighteenth century black velvet with gold detail jacket, with tapestry velvet vest and matching knickers. This costume was made in Venice.  Stockings sold separately . This comes in large and xl large . The large fits 41-42 jacket and  pants are elastic 34 -36 the xl fits a size 43 -44 and the elastic waist knickers are 35 to 38 inches

Price: $125.00 rental 

Rust Velvet Ensemble



Eighteenth century gentlemans ensemble consists of a rust velvet jacket with gold buttons and gold detail, matching satin knickers and satin vest front which ties in the back. Stockings ,wig and shoe buckles sold separatley. The jacket fits a size 42-44 and the knickers are elastic at the waist and fit 

Price: $185.00 rental

Pink & Red



This eighteenth century mens ensemble includes a pink brocaded jacket with red velvet detail with matching velvet vest and knickers. Stockings ,wig and shoe buckles old separatley ...Size for the jacket  is 42 -43 and the pants are 34-37 inches

Price: $150.00 rental 

Blue Velvet



This gentlemens eighteenth century ensemble includes a dark blue faille  jacket with gold detail and gold buttons. It has a  matching brocade vest and knickers. Stockings , wig and shoe buckles are sold separatley. Jacket size is 44 and the waist on the knickers is elastic and fits from 34-36

Price: $185.00 rental 

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Red Velvet Brocade



Red and black eighteenth century gentlemens costume consists of a red  brocade jacket with gold trim and gold buttons. Comes  with matching red velvet vest and knickers. Stockings , wig and buckles  sold separately Jacket fits up to a 41  and the knickers waist  is 32-34 inches

Price: $165.00 rental 

Blue Brocade Velvet



Eighteenth century gentlemens blue brocade jacket with matching blue velvet vest and knickers. Comes with cotton shirt with lace trimmed fischu and lace trimmed cuffs . Stockings ,wig and shoe buckles sold separately. The jacket fits  size 42. knickers measure 34-35 inches

Price: $165.00 rental 

Green Velvet Brocade



This eighteenth century gentlemens outfit is made of a dark emerald green and black silk brocaded fabric and green velvet.  . The jacket  has with gold trim and gold buttons,. This ensemble comes with matching green velvet vest and and velvet  knickers. Stockings , wig and shoe buckles sold separately...Shirt with fischu included... Jacket fits 42-44 , knickers waist 34-36 

Price: $165.00 rental 

Red 18th Century



This eighteenth century male costume  is made of a woven  polyester light weight  fabric of red and gold and is  not too elaborate. The jacket has black trim, gold buttons and lace cuffs  and comes with  a built in vest with attached fischu. The outfit t comes with matching knickers .Wig,stockings and shoe buckles sold separatley. This is for a smaller slimmer person and fits only up to a 38.jacket...the  waist is 32-36. This is a great costume for school projects 

Price: $65.00 rental 

Raspberry/ Gold



This eighteenth century mans costume is made of lightweight polyester. This is not an elaborate costume. The raspberry color  jacket has an attached vest which is black with metallic threads , lace cuffs and an attached lace fischu. The ensemble is finished with black knickers.  This costume fits up to a size 42 jacket and the knickers are 34-37 and are elastic waisted. Good for school projects

Price: $65.00 rental

Purple Brocade



Purple silk  brocade eighteenth century male costume includes a purple velvet jacket with gold trim amd gold buttons, a velvet vest and matching velvet knickers . Shirt is optional but included. Wig, stockings  and shoe buckles sold separately. Jacket size is 46-48 and the waist on the knickers is 36-38

Price: $165.00 rental 

Gold Brocade



This gold eighteenth century man's costume consists of a beautiful faux silk gold brocade jacket with a separate matching vest front and matching knickers . Shirt is optional but included. wig,shoe buckles and stockings sold separately.  This is a forgiving costume and can fit from a 42 to a 46..The knickers are 34 to 38 as the waist is elastic

Price: $185.00 rental 

Black & Gold



This black and gold velveteen eighteenth century mans costume comes with a black jacket with matching vest and knickers. The jacket and vest are trimmed in gold . Stockings,wig and shoe buckles sold separatley. This costume is failrly light weight. Fits size 42-44  and knickers are elastic waisted  and we have them in multiple sizes from w 32-38

Price: $75.00 Rental 

Gold and Black Brocade



This eighteenth century mens ensemble comes  with a gold and black  brocade jacket with gold detail trim on cuffs and coat  , a wine velvet vest and black velvet knickers finish the ensemble. .Stockings sold separately. shirt is optional .... Jacket fits size 42-43.. knickers  available in various sizes

Price: $85.00 rental 

Silver/Black Brocade



This eighteenth century ensemble consists of a black and silver brocade jacket with silver buttons and black velvet accents,.  A black velvet vest , matching knickers and  a white shirt with lace fischu complete the outfit. Wig, stockings and buckles sold separatly. Jacket fits size 44 and the knickers are 33 to 40 as we have mulitple pairs .

Price: $165.00 rental 

Blue & Silver



This eighteenth century mens costume is very lightweight. The jacket is blue with silver and black brocade in the front and trimmed with silver piping. It has silver buttons and a lace fischu which is attached at the neck. The knickers are black and have an elastic waistband. Jacket is size 42 and the knickers go from 32 to 34 

Price: $65.00 rental 

18th Century Casual



This military eighteenth century costume is polyester and not very elaborate. The jacket has a connected vest which buttons in the front and matching knickers. It is light weight fabric . This is a size 42. the knickers are about 34-36

Price: $65.00 rental 

18th Century





Napoleon costume consists of navy blue and red jacket with silver buttons , white vest and matching white knickers, and a large haT .  Stockings and shoe buckles are sold separatley. Comes in large size 42, and xl size 44. waist for large is 34-35, and waist for xl is 35-37

Price: $185.00 rental 

King Louis



This costume is very elaborate. The costume consists of a green formal coat with marroon satin detail and gold sutash decorarion, lace trimmed satin shirt, with gold lace trimmed fischu,detailed vest, maroon velveteen  knickers and a plumed hat finish the outfit.  Wig , shoe buckles and stockings sold separately.  Jacket fits only up to size 42 . The waist on the knickers is elastic and can fit 34-36

Price: $185.00 rental 

Sage Green



This 18th century sage  green gentleman's  ensemble consists of  a sage heavy textured jacket ,a tan brocaded vest,  shirt and sage knickers. Jacket fits size 42-43, the waist on the knickers is elastic and fits 34-36

Price: $185.00 rental 

Maroon & Gold Satin



This eighteenth century gentlemens ensemble includes satin maroon and gold detailed jacket with matching knickers and gold satin vest front  Shirt is included but optional.  Stockings ,wig and shoe buckles sold separately. 

Price: $185.00 rental 

Light Blue Jacket



This is an opulant eighteenth century mens costume suitable for nobility. The jacket is made of a slate blue soft faille fabric . The cuffs are trimmed in cream with light blue satin and  gold piping . It comes with a cream vest front which ties in the back  and light blue satin knickers with an elastic waistband. wig and stockings sold separately. Jacket is a size 42 and the waist on the knickers goes from 36-38

Price: $185.00 rental 

White/Gold Jacket



This is a very opulent mens eighteenth century costume suitable for nobility. This costume is made of a beautiful ivory brcoaded fabric with large gold ornamentation on the front and gold braid detail on the cuffs. It has a full ivory faille vest with gold buttons and faux pockets. The knickers are button waist and measure 34 and the jacket is a size 42.  This is a terrific example for King Louis and a matching ladies Marie Antoinette costume  is also available. A shirt or fischu is included .Stockings, wigs and buckles sold separatley.

Price: $185.00 rental 

Colonial Men's Costume Rentals

Velvet Colonial Coat



This Colonial coat is made of a dark plum velvet fabric. This coat comes to the knee and has silver coin buttons down the front, on the cuffs and on the pockets.  This coat is lined and on the heavier side. Black sutache  trim runs along the hem , collar and cuffs as well. This coat is a size 42 and not for a short gentleman

Price: $95.00 rental 

Colonial Maroon Suit



This Colonial mens costume is made of lightweight polyester and is very comforable and easy to wear. The ensemble consists of a long over jacket, a matching vest front  and knickers. The jacket measures 42-44 and the pants have elastic waistline so it measure 34-38 this costume comes with a shirt or just a lace fischu whichever  you prefer.This costume is perfect for Ben Franklin or other gentlmen of the period

Price: $85.00 rental 

Colonial Blue Suit



This Colonial mens costume is made of lightweight polyester and is very comforable and easy to wear. The ensemble consists of a long over jacket, a matching vest and knickers. This is suitable for gentlemen of the period. The jacket measures 40-42 and the pants have elastic waistline so it measure 34-36 this costume comes with a shirt or just a lace fischu whichever  you prefer.

Price: $85.00 rental 

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American Patriot



American patriot costumes are available in all three colors pictured. comes withjacket, shirt and pants. Available with hat upon request. Socks and shoes sold seperatly.

Price: $95.00 rental 

Minute Men Military