Cleopatra and Ramses

Deluxe Cleopatra Queen of the Nile


Opulently decorated three-piece Cleopatra  comes with a gold lame floor length dress with  jeweled collar, cuffs and belt that are intricately placed and set with gorgeous faux precious stones, studs and trims to create a glamorous appearance. Skirt of the dress and cape are beautifully sunburst-pleated gold lame fabric. The wrap is attached at the wrist and upper arm. Wig sold separately.Dress zips up the back . Pictured headpiece not available but costume does comes with headpiece. This Cleopatra comes in small and medium

Price: $195.00 

Cleopatra 3


This Cleopatra is a bit different.  The costume consists of four pieces. The sleeveless, rounded collar top is made of red sequinned fabric.The attached gold collar has a cape of black lace. .The skirt is elastic and low waisted and made of metallic faux lame and has frontal slit, with red sequinned trim as well . There are two available headdresses. The one picture and another one of your choosing This fits a bust up to 36 , with a maximun 27 waist...size 6-7

Price: $65.00 rental 

Cleopatra 4


This Cleopatra is lightweight and easy to wear. The dress is tube top style and is made of gold pleated soft lame like fabric. There is a gold wide sequinned belt at the waist. The costume is finished with a over the head cape/collar of gold faux lame  and gold metallic fabric. Fits a multitude of sizes. from 32 bust to 40 and waist 24-31. Comes with beaded headpiece. Wig sold separately

Price: $95.00 rental 

Cleopatra 5


This Cleopatra can come with either headpiece at no additional charge. The dress is gold and black with sequins and has a gold metallaic overlay cape. The dress has amber jewels all over. This fits between an 8 and a 12

Price: $95.00 rental 

Grecian Lady


This  opulent Grecian costume is made of lightweight blue and white panne velvet. The tunic goes over the head and is sleeveless with two royal blue panels that crisscross the bust and hang from the shoulder. to the floor. Trimmed in gold braid with giant blue jeweled medallion Fits up to a size 34-36 and 26-28 waist. 

Price: $85.00 rental 

Grecian Woman


This three costume is made of lightweight cream polyester. The sleeveless v-necked top has a  double burgundy band at the waist. the hem of the top is asymetrical and c ut on the diagonal. the skirt is elastic waisted. There is a over wrap which sits on the shoulder made of black and gold lame fabric. fits up to 40 bust waist 26-30

Price: $65.00 rental 

Gold Grecian/Roman

This  opulent Grecian/Roman  costume is made of lightweight butterscotch gold  fabic and goes over the head and is sleeveless with two gold velvet panels  that crisscross the bust and hang from the shoulder. to the floor. Trimmed in gold braid with giant gold and faux ruby jeweled medallion Fits up to a size 34-36 and 26-28 waist. 
Price: $85.00 rental 

Emperor in Greenwich 

Ancient World Rental Costumes in Greenwich

Gold Lame Grecian


One Shoulder basic white polyblend dress with a gold lame side drape. Fits 6-12 as top is elastic

Price: $45.00 rental 

Roman /Grecian Tunic


This tunic is made of panne white velvet and has purple purple trailing panels which attach at the wrist. There is greek key embossed gold ribbon at the shoulders  neck and hem . There are two slits in the front of the tunic. Fits up to a size 34 -36 bust and wasit is 24-26 sizes  6-8 

Price: $45.00 rental 

White / Gold Goddess


This Goddess dress is suitable for any Greek or Roman goddess. The long white sleeveless dress is trimmed at the hips with gold lame drapes. There is gold braid trim down the front panel in a diamond pattern  which is free falling from the dropped waist. There is an attached gold lame cape at the baxck of the neck. Fits up to a 36 bust and 27 waist- fits up to a size 8

Price: $45.00 rental 

Roman Goddess


This gown is suitable for either Roman or Grecian woman/goddess. The sleeveless{has tiny cap sleeves}  v-necked  bodice is fitted and zips up the back. The skirt is tiered and has black and gold greek key patterned ribbon trim at the hem of the tier. There is an attached white chiffon cape . This costume fits up to a 38-40 bust and a 30-31 waist. It is about a size 16

Price: $45.00 rental 

Metallic Cleopatra


This metallic costume is absolutely fabulous on. The material is soft and lightweight. The dress is empire style, tiered in the front to a point , has a slight train and a cowl yoke . There is an attached cape which has wristbands and gauntlets so it has a fan effecgt wshen you hold up your arms. Size is small 34 -35 bust waist up to 28 . Comes with headpiece. This costume is also very usable for Roman and Greek Goddess

Price: $95.00 rental 

Brown Roman Centurion


This Roman Centurian costume comes in dark brown or black faux leather. It has a white under tunic, and a faux leather tunic which laces up the back, wristlets, and shin guards. A helmet with blk or red plume is included.We have them to fit a 40-46 jacket and up to a 38 waist.  Authtic looking sandles are avaiable to rent as well

Price: 165.00 rental call us 203-869-5990 to rent now 



This Ceasar costume consists of a long white toga with gold braid on the sleeve and at the hem. It is finished with a red velvet side drape with gold braid trim. Ceasar gold leaves headpiece sold separatley. Avaiable in 42-46-waist up to 38..lightweight and cool 

Price: 65.00 rental call 203-869-5990 to rent now 

Mark Anthony Deluxe


This is a very opulent Mark Anthony costume.  This costume comes with a cream under tunic, a jeweled and sequinned over tunic,wrislets, and shin guards which also have the jeweled  ornamentation.It has an optional helmet which is included. The tunic laces up the back and fits up to a size 44 jacket. Authentic looking sandles which go up your leg are avaiable for rent in addition

Price: 165.00 rental call us 203-869-5990 to rent this now 



This Neptune costume is really exceptional. This long tunic is made of a beautiful cream brocade fabric which has a green and gold brocaded border on the cuffs and at the collar.It has full sleeves and zips up the back. There is a irredecent greenish blue metallic drape on the side and a gold headpiece.Trident is available for purchase. This is a larger costume as well as on the longer side. It will fit a 44-48 jacket with up to a 42 waist.

Price: $150.00 rental 

Roman Centurion


This is a terrific example of a Roman Centurion. This costume comes with a white under tunic, a faux leather overlay tunic which has gold detail and studding, wrist lets, shincovers and a helmet with either a red or blk plume.This tunic laces  up the back so it can fit a multitude  of sizes. It comes in large and extra large  So it can fit 42-48 jacket. 

Price: $165.00 rental 

Short Men's Toga


Roman or Grecian mens toga. Simple one shoulder with side drape. cool and comfortable . . Available in large 42 jacket  waist 34. xl-44 jacket and 36 waist-gold leaf head piece sold separatly

Price: 45.00 rental call 203-869-5990 to rent now 

Grecian/Roman Senator


This costume is made of a cool lightweight white and royal blue velvet material .It has jewels at the shoulder and in the front on the blue streamers which can be removed.  It is suitable for a Roman Senator or Greek god etc. This costume can fit a man with a jacket size 42-46 and waist up to 42            

Price: $85.00 rental