animals and mascot rentals

Pink Panther



This costume is made of polyester taffeta. One size fits most adults 5'3" (160cm) to 5'11" (180cm) tall and under 200lbs. The mask has a plastic eye net over the eyes.

Price: $125.00 rental 




Adorable plush pig costume comes with a jumpsuit which zips up back and has a tail. Has attached hands with hidden opening. Feet and head are separate.Has see thru eye mesh. Fits up to a size 44 chest


Teddy Bear



Plush teddy bear in a goldish pumpkin color. Costume comes with large bellied teddy bear body, foot cover and mitts. Large teddy bear head is separate. Has black eyes and nose. Add a red tee shirt and he becomes Winnie the Pooh look alike! 

Price: $85.00 rental 

Saint Bernard



Brown and white plush Saint Bernard jumpsuit with zip up back. Has attached hands and fits up to a size 44 chest. Head and feet are separate from body. head has see-through eye mesh. Jumpsuit measures 65 inches from head to toe.

Price: $85.00 rental 

Polar Bear



White plush Polar Bear comes with jumpsuit which zips up the back and has attached hands. Head has see thru eye mesh .Head and feet are separate from body. Fits up to a size 44 chest.

Price: $85.00 rental 




Sweet black and white plush dalmation. Costume has attached hands and Zips up back. Feet and head are separate from body. Fits up to a size 44 chest. head has see-through eye mesh.Jumpsuit measures 65 inches .

Price: $85.00 rental 

Easter Bunny



Easter Bunny costume rental consists of plush head, hands, feet and body jumpsuit that zips up the back.

NOTE: Please call or email for sizing and availability (203) 869-5990
Costumes ship within the United States only.

Price: $95.00 rental 

White Bunny



Soft white plush white rabbit costume with a carrot prop. Comes with a zip up the back jumpsuit with attached hands and separate hed and feet. Fits up to a size 44 chest. See thru eye mesh.

Price: $85.00 rental 

Grey Rabbit



Grey easter bunny rabbit comes with plush grey jumpsuit body, feet, hands and head. 

Price: $85.00 rental 




Black and white plush cow costume comes with jumpsuit which zips up back and has attached hands. Feet and head are separate. Fits up to a size 44 chest. See thru eye mesh

Price: $85.00 rental 

Gold Lion



Faux suede like cotton velveteen fabric lion costume. Costume zips in front and has a detached lion's mane headpiece, hands and shoe covers. Tis costume is lightweight and very comfortable. The tail is attached. Please call for more information

Price: $85.00 rentalReplacement: $295.00 




Realistic plush furlike lion costume with detached headpiece. Costume has velcro closures in the back. Costume can be stuffed to make it appear larger and fatter. Please call for more information.

Price: $150.00 rental 

Green Frog



Green frog costume comes with a green plush jumpsuit whuich zips up the back. Fits up to a size 44 chest , and has attached hands. Head and feet are separate. Head has see-through eye mesh.

Price: $85.00 rental 




Female elephant wearing a pink dress. Jumpsuit with back zipper with attached hands. Dress is not removable. Feet are separate as is the head. Fits up to a size 44 chest. Head has see through eye mesh

Price: $85.00 rental 




Adult Penguin costume rental consists of a black and white foam penguin suit with attached penguin head hood. Face is visible in costume and it also includes penguin feet. 


Price: $45.00 rental 

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