Costume Rentals

Deluxe Belle


Deluxe Belle costume consists of a light yellow organdy gown which is embossed with leaves and flowers. This gown has large puffed sleeves and zips up the back. It comes with a large petticoat to fill out the skirt . This gown fits a size four to eight.

Price: $95.00Replacement: $295.00

Deluxe Cinderella


Deluxe Cinderella costume consists of a two piece white brocaded fabric top with light blue trim and blue brocaded fabric  with matching drawstring skirt. There is silver trim detail on the bodice and at the neck. This comes with a large hoop to fill it out. The dress zips in the back and has a tie belt to cinch the waist. This is finished off with white satin gloves and a rhinestone tiara all included. This costume fits a size 6 to 10

Price: $165.00Replacement: $595.00 

I dream of Jeannie



95.00 rental

My Fair Lady


This is a copy of the dress Elisa Dolittle wore in the movie My Fair Lady by Audrey Hepburn when she went to the races. The dress is made of a wonderful lightweight white brocade fabric. The dress has two black and white satin bows at the hip and shoulder. The dress zips up the back and has organdy ruffles at the collar and cuffs,. There is a large plummed white hat with feathers to finish off the ensemble. Can come with a parasol if so desired. 

Price: $165.00 rental 

Lucy Factory Uniform


This I love Lucy costume is from the chocolate factory episode, where She and Ethel worked .  The grey cotton polyester blend dress buttons up the front  and comes to just below the knee. There is a pink chef like hat and a soft pink and grey  apron to finish off the ensemble. This is available in two sizes small which fits 34-36 bust and  and a waist up to 30 and hips 38...The larger size fits 38-42 bust, a 34-35 waist and hips can gom up to 44 . We have two in each size

Price: $65.00 rental 

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Glinda The Good Witch


This Glinda the Good Witch costume is very beautiful in person,. The costume consists of a two piece elaborate gown, a hoop and a crown. The top is puffsleeved and laces  up the back. The arms are tight fitting. The material is light pink satin and is embossed with silver detail and embroidery. This costume  will come with a hoop or crinilin petticoat  to puff it out depending on how full you want it to be. 

She can range from size 6 to 10.

Price: $150.00 rental 

Deluxe Ice Princess


This  Ice Princess is a perfect costume rental to use for Elsa from Frozen. This dress is made of beautiful aqua/teal material and zips up the back The bodice has a sweetheart neckline and is delicatly sequinned on the bust. The sleeves are tight fitting. There is an attached cape of see through organdy that hangs and trails in the back. This fits up to a size 6-8.

Price: $165.00 rental 

Pirate Lady


Poly-poplin and nylon velvet dress with poly cotton cuffs,  vinyl belt.

Price: $45 -75

Miss Liberty


Latex headpiece, light green velvet dress with drape. Fits a multitude of sizes as it is not fitted.

Price: $65.00 rental 

Snow White


This Snow White dress is lightweight and comfortable. This is a more traditional costume suitable for children. The polyester dress zips in the back and has a light blue cape which attaches at the shoulders. The dress is long and can hit you at the calf or ankle depending on your height. Snow white wig is sold separatley.

Price: $65.00 rentalReplacement: 165.00 


Scarlett BBQ Dress


Scarlett’s famous flirtatious fiddling with the men at the Wilkes Estate is made more memorable by this flouncy cotillion dress.This  costume is made of a printed chiffon fabric which is over r satin underskirt. Bodice is print chiffon with ruffles of beading lace and ribbons, trimmed with velvet and three velvet bows. Waistline is accented with velvet cumberbund tie belt. Comes with a matching natural straw hat which ties under your chin. This costume fits  6-12

Price: $150.00 rental 

Green Sequin Mermaid




Scarlett Curtain dress


In a desperate attempt to save her beloved Tara, Scarlett tried to deceive Rhett by visiting him in this dress made from her velvet drapes. Authentic velvet and satin dress features a capped sleeve, plunging neckline, full skirt with gold/green passementerie on shoulder and belt.

Price: $165.00 rental 

I Love Lucy Dress


This I Love Lucy dress is from the Vegameta vitamen Episode.This cotton  blue and white polka dot dress has a semi-fitted bodice, and short sleeves with white cuff edging.  . The  mid-calf length circle skirt is fulland needs a petticoat to fill it out. The dress buttons down the front and has a thin matching belt. The white apron ties in the back to finish the outfit. Lucy wig is sold separately available in a few sizes from 4 to 16

Price: $75.00 rental

Maid Marian


Green velvet dress with long sleeves and waist cincher.

Price: $95 rental 

Glinda The Good Witch


This Glinda the Good Witch costume is easy to wear and stretches to fit your body. The top is entirely sequinned in white sequins and zips up the back and has see through illusion  sleeves. The skirt is layered fabric and full.  This costume comes with an underpetticoat or hoop depending on how puffy you want it. Comes with plastic crown headpiece.

Price: $95.00 rentalReplacement: 150.00 



Genie costume comes with pink bra top, pink and red velvet genie pant.
Available in multiple sizes, please call for availablity.

Price: $95 



Cotton blouse and jumper.

Price: $75 

Deluxe Matrix Coat


This coat is suitable for the Matrix. The coat is long black cotton with leather trim strap closures. The coat actually zips up the front and fits up to a size 44-46. the picture shows red but the coat is 100% black

Price: $95.00 rentals 

Prince Charming


This opulent Prince Charming costume consists of a blue jacket with gold buttons and fancy gold epallets on the shoulders. It has a white satin sash which crosses over the front and is finished with black elastic waisted trousers. This costume can be used for any man of royalty. xl-44-46 jacket and the trousers are 34-38 inch waist

Price: $125.00 rental 

Metallic Trimmed Wizard


THis wizard robe has a matching female counterpart. Lightweight and easy to wear this robe is made of royal blue velveteen like fabric. The large bell like sleeves are trimmed in metallic rainbow stripes with gold detail. This can also be found on the collar and the trumpet like hat. There is gold braid trim running down the front of the robe and around the cuffs. This ties in the front at the neck and also has a tie at waist. Fits up to a size 50

Price: $65.00 rental 

Purple Velvet Merlin


This Merln robe is purple velvet with multicolor sequinning at the cuffs and down the front. The robe has giant belle sleeves  and is decorated with sequinned moons and stars in differnt colors. Finished off with a trumpet style wizard hat which is also decorated in sequinned trim. This robe zips up the front. This will fit up to a 48 jacket....wizard beard sold separately

Price: $95.00 rental 

Blue/Silver Star Wizard


This Wizard is suitable for Merlin or any mystical  wizard. There is a purple flannel like under tunic which has silver lame/sequinned  stars and half moons decorating it. The over robe  is hooded, lined in silver lame  and trimmed with a tassell. The robe has large bell like sleeves which cuffs have star and moons cut out  in silver lame and have  silver rhinestone studding. This decorartion  also goes does the front of the robe. Closes with braided tie rope. fits up to a fifty jacket. 

Price: $75.00 rental 

Red /Gold Star Wizard


This wizards robe is made of lightweight dark maroon cotton velvet. The fabric has different size  gold stars embossed all over it. There is gold braided detail running down the front and at the cuffs. This comes with a trumpet like hat of the same fabric. This ties at neck and also has a tie belt. Wizard beard abd wig sold separately. Fits up to a 48

Price: $85.00 rental 

Dark Wizard Robe


This robe is black cotton vcelvet with silver. There is a closure at the neck . Wiizard sold separately

Price: $45.00 rental 



This Gandalf costume is made of dark grey cotton velvet and has a matching wizards hat. This is very similar to the actual costume in the movie. There is a long grey tunic which goes under the long belle sleeved robe. This costume is fairly lightweight and easy to wear. Fits up to a size 48  Gandalf wig and beard sold separatley

Price: $85.00 rental 

Blue Prince Charming


This opulent Prince Charming costume consists os a blue jacket with gold buttons and fancy gold epallets on the shoulders. It has a white satin sash which crosses over the front and is finished with black trousers. THis costume can be used for any man of royalty. xl-44-46

Price: $125.00 rental 

Rhett Butler


This Southern Gentleman Rhett Butler Costume includes dapper long cream colored mourning coat, matching trousers, and the attached shirt front. Pair this up with a Scarlett O'Hara costume for a truly classic couples look!

Price: $165.00 rental 

Fred Flinstone


Orange spotted tunic with blue tie and club

Price: $45.00 rental 



Chewbacca is available for rent and one size fits most. Call for availability, pricing, and other information.

Price: $75.00-$95.00 rental 

Captain Hook


Captain hook costume consists of jacket, black tapestry vest, white shirt, knickers, hook, sash and hat. Wig and moustache sold separately. 

Price: $175.00 rental 

Deluxe Willie Wonka


Deluxe Willie Wonka consists of a purple velvet topcoat,lavender brocade vest, tan pants , rust velvet tie,and a brown tophat fits up to size 42

Price: $175.00 rental 

Orange Mad Hatter


This Mad Hatter costume consists of a orange polyester top coat, purple pants, a shirt front with bowtie and a green veleteen tophat. Call for more information

Price: $ 75.00 - $95.00 rental 

Oompa Loompa


Willie Wonka's deluxe Oompa Loompa costume consists of one piece brown and white jumpsuit with striped collar and cuffs. Has matching beret hat. Striped socks not included. Zips up back and fits a multitude of sizes. Polyester. Call for more information.

Price: $95.00 rental 

Deluxe Tin Man


Deluxe Tinman costume is composed of silver faux leather. Consists of jacket,pants,gloves and hat .Mask and axe are sold separatley. 

Price: $125.00 rental 

Deluxe Scarecrow


Deluxe Scarecrow costume consists of plaid jacket with patch details with fake straw trim on jacket hem and cuffs . Brown pants with patch detail , matching boot tops with faux straw trim, tan hood headpiece and hat complete the ensemble. Costume is comfortable and light weight. Please call for more information

Price: $125.00 rental 

Buccaneer pirate


Men's pirate costume consists of poly-poplin and velvet jacket with poly-cotton shirt front, poly-poplin pants and vinyl belt.

Price: $65.00 -95.00rental 

Moose Lodge Fred


Fred Flintstone in his moose lodge costume. Consists of cotton velvetten leopard tunic, detached blue faux fur tie, and headpiece with horns.

Price: $65.00 rental 



Scarecrow consists of green jacket with attached collar and ties at cuffs, brown pants with patches, and hat. Mask is not included and sold separately.

Price: $75.00 rental 

Plaid Mad Hatter


Mad Hatter consists of a polyester jacket with attached vest, and detachable polka dot bowtie,plaid pants, mustard cotton dicky, and purple velvet tophat

Price: $95.00 rental 

Velvet Mad Hatter


This Mad Hatter comes with a blue velvet long jacket, shirt front with bowtie, matching checkered pants and a purple velvet tophat.

Price: $150.00 rental 

King of Hearts


King of Hearts costume consists of red overlay with a sequinned king on the front. It has a full sleeved shirt/tunic , tights and a crown. 

Fits up to a 48-50

Price: $95.00 -125.00 rental

Fat Bastard


Austin Powers Fat Bastard costume comes with full fat suit which is detached and worn underneath. Kilt closes in the back and comes with hat and spats. Mask sold separately . Costume fits a multitude. l

Price: $125.00 rental 

Cowardly Lion


Fabulous realistic Cowardly Lion costume with separate Burt Lahr face mask. Also has regular headpiece availible if mask is not preferable. Costume is a full body lion suit, oversized and made of plush lion fur type fabric. Costume can be stuffed to make it appear larger.Has a fabulous realistic tail. Closes in back and fits a multitude of sizes. Call for more information.

Price: $195.00 rental 

Flying Monkey


Flying grey monkey suit with detached headpiece and jacket. Call for more information

Price: $75.00 rental 



Costume includes Popeye mask/head, shirt with attached muscle arms, and blue velvetten pants with belt.  Call for more info.

Price: $75.00 Rental 

Blue Prince Charming


Costume includes blue jacket with gold epaulets , gold buttons and gold sash, and white pants. Call for more information

Price: $85.00-95.00 rental 

Deluxe Robin Hood

 Prince of theives comes with pants, embroidered jacket ,boot tops, belt.quiver sold separately. rental 125-165.00 

Tweedle Dee


Tweedle dee costume consists of shirt, pants and suspenders, shoes not included.

Price: $65.00 rental 

Jack Sparrow


Elaborate Johnny Depp Pirates of the Carribean costume comes with everything pictured and very realistic and made like a real garment.

Price: $195.00 

Mad Hatter


This deluxe Mad Hatter is close to the one Johnny Depp wore in the first Alice in Wonderland movie. The costume consists of a faux suede jacket , a fancy vest, pants sash , tophat . 

Price: $165.00 rental 

Uncle Sam


THis Uncle Sam costume consists of a blue satin cut away tails jacket with wihite  stars all over. The pants are red and white stiped satin. There is also a matching striped vest  and matching red white and blue top hat. This costume can come with a shirt with lace jabot and cuffs for no additional fee

Price: $125.00 rental 

Doctor Evil


Comes with grey polyester jacket with front closure and matching elastic waist pants. Available in Large and XL, Mini Me is also available.

Price: $45.00-$65.00 rental 

Austin Powers


Adult Austin powers costume rental consists of blue velvet suit jacket with mock pocket flaps and covered buttons. Matching blue velvet pants with seam pockets, white lace jabot and cuffs included. 

Price: $95.00 rental 



This Zorro costume consists of a satin black shirt, satin pants, black satin cape, eye mask and hat.

Price: $95.00 to$ 150.00 rental 

Deluxe Prince Charming


This dashing  cream Prince Charming suit is opulently adorned with gold lame ephalletts . The jacket is double breasted with tails,has  trousers  with seam pockets, The red sash and pin are included.

Price: $165.00 

Robin Hood


THis Robin Hood Costume is fairly simple and light weight. The costume comes with a hooded tunic, pants, and boot tops.

Price: $65.00 rental