Bell Hops



These adorable costumes are reminiscent the those worn in the ithe 1940'S. Perfect for couples or worn  separatley.  The women's costume is perfect for either a bellhop or a cigarette girl. There is also a tray available for the cigarette girl if desired. The ladie's costume comes with a short black jacket with a built in red vest. There are gold buttons and red piping with gold trim . The skirt is short and elastic waisted. Black panties can be added if so needed. The ensemble is finished off with an adorable military like 40s hat. Fishnets sold separately. 

The bellhop is lightweight and very comfortable. This three piece costume  consists of a zip front black jacket with red lapel , and red cuffs with gold ribbon band trim and gold buttons. The trousers are elastic waisted and have a gold stripe down the sides. The small bellhop hat finishes the outfit. 

Price: $65.00 rental 




This ringmaster costume consists of a red tail jacket, with a black velver lapels and cuffs,with black velvet buttons. There is a black brocade vest and black matching trousers with elastic waistband. comes with top hat as well. The jacket fits up to a 42-44 and the waist on the pants goes to 36. We have another example which is a 38 to 40 with a 32/34 waist,. but there is no vest as this one is double breasted

Price: $125.00 rental 

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Canadian Mountie



O ur Canadian Mountie comes with a red polyester Mountie jacket which buttons up the front . It has long black  pants , a belt and Mountie brown hat. Lightweight and comfortable. Easy to wear.  Dudly Doright where are you? Fits up to a 42.

Price: $95.00 rental