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Religious Halloween Costumes Rental in Greenwich

Mother Superior



Hood, veil, collar, full-length black dress and black tabard we have a multitude of sizes from 6 to 22

Price: $45.00 rental 

Mary Mother of God



This is a basic biblical costume. There is a white long sleeved non fitted tunic and a light blue shroud shawl which goes on the head. Fits up to a size m42 bust waist up to 40

Price: $45.00 rental 




Hood, veil, collar, full-length black dress and black tabard we have a multitude of sizes from 6 to 22

Price: $45.00 rental 

Brown Cotton Monk



This monk's robe is made of lightweight  brown cotton material.This is a very simple costume. This monks robe closes at the neck with a button and has a rope belt. The robe is hooded and fits up to a size 50 mens jacket.

Price: $45.00 rental 

Blue Biblical Man



This mans biblical robe is made of lightweight blue piolyester fabric and has a frog closure in the front. This can be used for any man in biblical times. This costume fits up to a size 46

Price: $45.00 rental 




This Moses costume can be also used for other Biblical men. This costume is lightweight and very comfortable. There is a tan underrobe along with a white  jacket like robe which remains open. The wigs are sold separatly.

Price: $45.00 rental 

Biblical Man



This striped robe is perfect for any Bibical character. The robe is made of soft cotton  and goes over the head. This can fit up to a size 48 mens jacket

Price: $45.00 rental 

Biblical Man / Joseph



This Biblical costume is suitable forJoseph, Moses or any other man in biblical times. The under tunic is made of  tan polyester and is lightweight and comfortable. The over jacket is brown and meant to be left open. Wigs and beards are sold separately

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Price: $45.00 rental 

Deluxe Cardinal



This is a very  opulent costume. This cardinal costume is made of lovely bright red velvet and has gorgeous shiny gold fringe  trim and gold braid detailed ribbon trim going down the front of the robe and on the large hat{miter} There is an under dress of white satin with lace lace trim and lace details. The robe has hanging panels with gold trim from the shoulders and down the back that have gold lame cross decorations. This can fit a larger man up to a size 50 jacket.


Pope with Miter



This costume consists of a white robe trimmed in red and finished of with a miter headpiece trimmed in gold with red jewels

Price: $75.00 rental 

Gold Brocade Pope



This Pope's costume is made of gold and cream brocade silk like material. There is a matching Miter{Pope hat} and comes with a white under tunic. This costume fits up to a size 44 chest and is lightweight and comfortable. 

Price: $65.00 rental 

Authentic Alter Boy



This authentic alter boy costume is lightweight and easy to wear. Available in two sizes. consists of robe and overtop. available in sizes 40 and 42

Price: $45.00 rental 

Priest Vestment



This is an authentic vintage  priest's vestment that I found in an antique shop in Paris back in the 1980's. The vestment goes over the head and is made of brown, burgundy and purple silk with silk velvet trim and 24 carat gold thread embroidery. This is really gorgeous in real life. The fabric is soft and very lightweight. We will supply and underrobe of black cotton that should be worn under neath  the vestment. 

Price: $125.00 rental 

Catholic Priest



This Catholic priest costume is made of black polyester. The robe has a large shawl like collar and buttons all the way down the front. This costume is lightweight and comfortable,.We have these available in a multitude of sizes up to 46

Price: $65.00 rental 

Religious Halloween Costumes Rental in Greenwich Nuns and Priest Halloween Costumes




Brown Hooded robe with rope belt cord. This costume fits up to a size 50 man and is suitable for a monk or a friar. 

Price: $45.00 rental 

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We have nuns avauilabvle for men and women. Mens nuncCostume consists of robe, headpiece and overlay. This costume fits a man up to a size 44 chest

Price: $65.00 rental