Black and Silver Romeo



This Romeo costume is also suitable for Shakespeare . The costume consists of a black  velvet tunic, which zips up the back, with silver braided trim on sleeves and down the front of the tunic. There is a silver lame metallic  ruffled collar and  ruffled cuffs. There is a matching black  velvet belt with silver braided trim which velcrows  in the back. There is also a matching hat and black tights to finish off the ensemble. This fits up to a 42 chest and a 36 waist. 

Price: $75.00 Rental 

Black Studded Leather Warrior



This costume is actually a museum replica. The tunic is made of soft genuine black leather and is studded with silver grummets. There is black suede running down the front of the tunic . There is a separate collar which sits over the tunic which is also studded. The tunic closes in the front with three leather straps. This costume is suitable for John Snow, a viking or any warrior of the time . This costume is a size 42 and the waist 34-36 Can come with a fur cape for an additional fee

Price: $125.00 rental 

William Shakespeare



This William Shakespeare costume is fairly opulent. The jacket is made of silver lame fabric with black velvet rusched trim down the front, black cuffs with silver overlay fabric and lace trim . The jacket is petaled at the hem amd buttons down the front. There is a decorative  rolled piece on the shoulder of black velvet and silver briad trim The  matching pantaloons are silver with black velvet inserts and have  silver braid trim. There is a silver hat and black tights to finish the ensemble. The jacket fits up to a size 42 jacket and the waist  fits a size  34.

Price: $125.00 rental 

Man of the Court



This Renaissance men's costume is made of lightweight panne blue velvet. It is easy to wear and comfortable. The blue velvet top is trimmed in gold lame and has gold braided detail. This jacket velcros in the front. The bloomer like pants are made of the same fabric and have built in blue tights. The ensemble is finished with a matching blue velvet hat. This fits up to  a size 46 jacket and the elastic waist pants  fit up to a 38 inch waist 

Price: $85.00 rental 

Velvet Coronation cape



This Kings Coronation cape is made of red cotton velvet. This cape is lined in red satin and has a small train. There is faux white ermine fur down the front of the cape and gold braiding along with red faux ruby jewels on the border. Thias cape ties at the collar and is heavier . This can fit up to a size 50 mens jacket

Price: 75.00 rental 

Renaissance Cape #2



Black hooded polyester black cape with gold embroidered detail along the edge. Ties at neck. Fits up to a 42

Price: 25.00 rental 

Purple Tunic



This is a simple tunic of the period suitable for the common man. This tunic is purple cotton and very lightweight and comfortable. It can come with tights for no additional fee. 

Price: 45.00 rental 

Brown flocked velvet



This medieval man's ensemble is fairly small. The material is a flocked velvet and is trimmed in teal satin piping and teal satin bands. The tunic has lace cuffs and detailed silver buttons. The pants are elastic at the ankle and form a bloomer like feel and are held up by bulit in suspenders. The waist is size 34 and the chest fitsd only up to a 40

Price: 75.00 

Robin Hood /Sherwood



This Robin Hood costume is fairly opulent. The costume consists of a tunic with a  hood which is adorned with brass studding and gold detailed trimmings. The sleeves are decorated in bands of faux leather and faux suede with additional studding. The pants are elastic waisted . Boot tops are optional but available for no extra fee. However, boots are available to rent for an additional fee. 

waist is 24-38, the chest fits up to size 42

Price: 95.00 rental 

Medieval Green & Brown



This costume is suitable for any medieval common folk. This costume's tunic and pants are made of a light weight dark green velvet with faux suede trim in dark brown with brass studding. The top laces up front and the pants have an elastic waist. Comes with a small hat. This costume fits 32-38 inch waist and 44 to 46 jacket

Price: 95.00 rental 

Richard the Lion Hearted



This is an opulent knights costume. This costume consists of a red velvet tunic which is trimmed in gold braid and has a lion in metallic gold lame on the chest. It has a black cotton undershirt which has brown velvet sleeves trimmed in gold braid at the top and have three bands of faux leather which are studded with brass as wellon the cuffs  The sleeves also each have a patch with a crest on it. The costume comes with black trousers ,a black leather belt, brass studded boot tops and a metallic headpiece with a jeweled crown which is attached.  The tunic fits up to a size 44 chest and the pants waist is drawsting and fits up to a size 36. The length on the pants is 42. 

Price: 165.00 rental 

Gr Velvet King Henry



This King Henrty is a very light weight and comfortable costume.It is no too opulant and can be used for other gentry of the time.  This ensemble is made of lightweight dark green velvet with gold braid trim and metallic gold lame. The tunic has a velcro closure and the bloomer like pants are elastic waisted . This costume is finished with a matching dark green velvet hat. The waist goes from 34-47 and the chest fits u[p to a size 44

Price: 75.00 rental 




This costume is suitable for Columbus or any other explorer from this time period. The costume has a dark brown tunic top with a white undershirt. It has an overcoat of tan polyester with coffee colored trim with black piping down the front and along the cuffs. Comes with small hat and tan pants with elastic waist. This costume fits up to a size 44 jacket and the pants go from 32-36

Price: rental 85.00 

Robin Hood



This Medieval man is perfect for Robin Hood or other Medieval men. The costume consists of a dark brown and tan tunic which is made of a heavier cotton. It has cordouroy insets and brass studding on the sleeves and cuffs. It has matching brown pants and a belt. It is finished with a dark blue overcollar embellished  with gold satin like fabric and gold braid and is also brass studded  along the edge and collar.Can come with boots at no addtional charge. This costume fits up to a 42 -43 jjacket and the waist is 34-35

Price: rental 125.00 





$65.00 rental

Kings Robe




$65.00 rental

Blue Puritan Men's



This mens costume consists of a cream krinkle cotton shirt, blue velvet  vest and green cotton  knickers with a blue/red tie with a hat

vest fits 42-48

waist is elastic and fits 34-40

Price: 65.00 rental 

Sage Puritan Costume



Mens Puritan costume  comes with a green lace up vest with a cream cotton crinkle shirt {shift}, and green knickers and a hat . 

Chest size on jacket c losed is 40 and open is 43

waist 33-36

Renaissance Mens Daywear



Renaissance mens day costume consists of green pants with elastic waist , cream cotton shirt and red vest with a tie belt and a hat 


waist 34-40

Price: 65.00 rental 

Puritan blue/green cotton



Mens Puritan daywear costume consists of blue cotton vest , cream krinkle cotton shirt, green pants and a tie belt with a hat 

Waist is elastic 33-36

Chest 42-48

Price: 65.00 rental 

Medieval Duke



This medieval duke two piece ensemble comes with a top,panteloons ,tights,and a hat. 

.  The costume is made of  a goldish  wool polyester blend with burgundy cotton velvet trim and velvet buttons. 

The cape is made of blue velvet. and is not pictured.   It can fit up to a size 42.jacket and the waist on the panteloons is 36

Price: 165.00 rental 




This Romeo costume  is made of navy blue velvet and comes with a tunic, belt, cape, hat, and tights.  This costume can fit a 42 to a 46

Price: 125.00 rental 

Burgundy King Henry



This opulent King Henry costume is made of a beautiful red velvet  fabric with faux black fur trim . It comes with a tunic which is trimmed in gold and studded with gold studs. It  has a matching under blouse which has studding and stripes of velvet on the sleeves.This ensemble comes with black tights  and a velvet studded hat . 

. The over  jacket is made of burgundy velvet with a black faux fur collar.  It is a size 42 to 46.  beards sold separately

Price: 185.00 rental 

Brown King Henry



This opulent  King Henry costume comes with a brown velvet tunic which has gold studding detail. There is a white satin shirt with studding detail on the sleeves. There is a brown velvet overlay coat  which is trimmed 

in white faux fur with gold braid detail at the hem.  Comes with a a plumed hat and tights. This fits up to a size 46

Price: 185.00 rental 

King Henry



This King Henry comes with a tunic, overlay, hat, and tights.  The jacket is green with a black faux fur collar and the tunic is green velvet.  It can fit up to a 48 to 50 jacket size.  

Price: 185.00 rental 

King or Chancellor



This Renaissance costume  comes with a tunic, belt, tights, overlay coat  and matching hat.. This is a lighter weight costume made from cotton faille material and cotton brocade  It is a size 42 to 44.

Price: 165.00 rental 

Renaissance King



This Oplulent brownish rust t  and aqua  blue lord comes with a tunic, belt, shirt, overlay coat with faux fur , tights, and matching hat.  The matching hat comes in blue or rust .  It is a size 44 to 46.  

Price: 175.00 rental 

Renaissance Duke



This opulent  Renaissance  duke costume comes with a red and gold brocade tunic with large sleeves and a matching hat. It is a size 42 to 44 and black  tights are included.  The costume could also be used for Shakespeare., or Columbus

This costume fits 42-44

Price: 165.00 rental 

Kingdom of Heaven Knight



This knight comes with a faux meil shirt, headpiece, and pants.  It has a maroon & coffee over lay with maltese crosses and comes with a rope to tie around the wiast.  It also comes with fo leather boot tops. To rent the helmet is cost an additional $20.  The knight can fit up to a size 46 -48. 

Price: 125.00 rental 

White Medieval Knight



This white medieval knight comes with a faux meil shirt, headpiece, and pants.  The overlay is made of white cotton with a red cross applique.  The cape is made out of the same material.  It also comes with fo leather boot tops.  The helmet cost an additional $20 to rent.  This knight can fit up to a size 46 -48.

Price: 125.rental 

Brown Medieval Knight



This brown medieval knight comes with a faux meil shirt, headpiece, and pants.  The overlay is made of brown cotton with a creme cross applique.  The cape is made out of the same material.  It also comes with faux  leather boot tops.  The helmet cost an additional $20 to rent.  This knight can fit up to a size 46 -48.

Price: 125.00 rental 

Purple Medieval Knight



This purple mediveal knight comes with a fo meil shirt, headpiece, and pants.  The overlay is purple cotton and polyester blend with a cross applique in the center.  It also come with fo leather boot tops.  This knight can fit up to a size 46 - 48.

Price: 85.00 rental 

Copper Medieval Knight



This copper medieval knight has a faux meil shirt, headpiece, and pants.  The over lay is a cotton and polyester blend with a cross applique.  It also comes with faux leather boot tops.  This costume is can fit up to a size 46 - 48.

Price: 85.00 

Medieval Knight



This medieval knight has a faux  meil shirt, headpiece, pants, with an over jacket and overlay.  The overlay is made out of blue cotton with a metallic embroidered center piece.  It also comes with faux  leather boot tops.  This knght costume can fit up to a size 46 - 48. 

Price: 85.00 rental 

Robin Hood



This is a very opulant  Robin Hood, "Prince of theives " costume consists of elaborate embroidered tunic top which laces in front, rust color  pants, belt and metal studdedn decorated boot tops. .Arrows and quiver sold separately. This Robin Hood is available in large and extra large. Large fits 42 jacket, elastic wAisted pants 28-36. The extra large fits jacket size 44 and pants  fit 30-40 inch waist

Price: 165.00 rental 

King Henry VIII


Opulent King Henry VIII costume comes with a purple velvet tunic, a brocaded overcoat trimmed in jewels and  faux fur,, black  tights and velvet hat with gold trim .  Beard and shoes not included, and  sold separately. 

fits up to a 42-43

Matching Anne Boleyn Costume.

Price: 125.00 rental