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Classic Bat Girl


 Cat girl is available for sale. Call for pricing, info, and availability. This is the design from the classic tv series. 

Deluxe Storm Trooper



This is the highest end Storm Trooper out there. This costume looks just like the movie abut takes a while to put on .This costume fits a size up to a size 46 chest XL

Price: $295.00 rental 

Breathing Darth Vader



Looking to blow people away at the party with your costume?! This Darth Vader costume is high quality and makes the Darth Vader breathing noises. This costume is a rental but it is also available for sale.

Price: $295.00 rental 




We carry Batman in couple different styles for both rent and retail. Call for info and availability.

Price: $165.00-$195.00 rental 




This superman is made of spandex and cotton. Call for more information and availability. 

Price: $125.00 rental 



We carry a couple different styles of Robin for both rent and retail. Call for availability and more info. We can send you photos of the rental if you'd like.
Price: $165.00

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The riddler comes in both retail and rental availability. Call for more info, availability, and pricing.

Price: $95.00 rental